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Hi There!  I’m Jason Ticus, proud Chicagoan- born hyperactive, passionate and critical.  Cursed with insatiable wanderlust.  Raised to embrace it.  I write about the folks I meet traveling this world: the do-ers, the shakers… the radicals and the simple people living their lives… all players in the effort to make this whole system work better.

Consultant and writer for Small Biz on Triple Bottom Line models and best practices.

Several years professional experience with sustainable tourism and community building.

Student of Cultural Conservation and Cognitive Anthropology (emergent phenomena in dynamic systems).

*My Work/Education

Geared toward ensuring a progressive facilitation of economic, social and environmental responsibility in our communities.

Proud owner/builder/driver of a reclaimed veggie oil diesel VW Golf.  I go fast, park in small places, and traverse this great countryside on almost purely used soy bean oil.

Good Design isn’t optional anymore.  It’s not just about ‘things.’  Good Design is about how we remake the world, our communities and ourselves.  Good Design is a must.

We are Life looking back on itself.  We bring forth the world as we experience and shape it.

We can do this better.

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