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On my own bias cc worldview and persepctives on technology…

kudos, to Mr. Stephen Corry on npr for saying something along the lines of, “We don’t view the Amish as ‘backward,’ why should we Tribal peoples?” 

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Corry’s discussion and wholeheartedly support his approach to re-valuing Indigenous and traditional worldview… Well aware of a knee-jerk response on my behalf when he mentioned the above sentiment… As a US city boy, it it really wasn’t until my recent time in Belize that I saw the Amish/Mennonite groups free from a sort of ridicule…

I’ve lived in regions where folks would stick to certain aspects of their traditional culture & lifestyle, while adopting the most of what would be considered a modern way of life.  In viewing the Amish back home, I did see them as a sort of ~backwards ~… But recently have experienced more closely the great efforts these groups go through to maintain certain tenets of their people, WHILE working with neighbors, communities and governments to achieve a sort of understanding…  Living right alongside traditional Mayan communities, these people seemed healthy, happy and were some of the most productive members of the nation.  Shunning modern technology isn’t exactly MY thing, but I got thinking… just because it’s a white person living a few miles away from the nearest station or mall, it really shouldn’t be my impulse to peg them as wacky.  I never really understood- It’s less a choice and more of a culture… A set of traditions honored across generations and generations.  …Definitely found myself guilty of the sort of supremacism I usually argue against…

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