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The struggles behind eco-tourism

Milking the RhinoSpent last night with some of Chicago’s finest, watching a film about the struggles of conservation in Africa, in a backyard in wicker park, under the stars, with beer in hand.

Great documentary-

The universal conflict between human expansion/development and destruction/domination of the wild… Interesting to look at those communities which are trying to stave off environmental degradation by shifting their model of sustenance to incorporate wildlife diversity. The film looks at a handful of relatively new ecolodges in Kenya and namibia to follow debate/discussion among the communities involved…

“The tourists are here because of the wildlife.  When there is a drought like there is now, the cattle suffer, but wildlife do fine.”

“Yes, but what will we do if the tourism runs dry? Like when the building came down in New York.  No one was traveling here… We are stupid to put all our eggs in one basket.  If we stumble, we will be ruined.”

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